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Sowing the Seeds of the Future with #Wine by Michelle Williams of Rockin Red Blog

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Imagine approaching the summit of Argentina’s Aconcagua Mountain, part of the Andes, with your best friend when oxygen is running low, your lungs are crackling and pulmonary edema is setting in. At this point retreat is the only option. A life well lived is full of retreats, stopping points, re-direction. We all experience brokenness. What divides us is whether we break down or break open.

Tony & Alex
Tony & Alex


These two best friends had every intention of summiting the Aconcagua Mountain. It was their biggest plans at that time, but the forces of nature blew them in a different direction, gave them a different path and they have used that path to break open to a whole new adventure, more vast than the tallest mountain. While recovering from climb, Tony Hartl and his best friend Alex Chang’s ties to the region and people of Mendoza awakened. The recovery time allowed them a pause, to re-assess and make a new. During this time they both felt a sense of re-direction, of a calling, an awakening of a passion. They called it “simpatico”.

Simpatico: having or characterized by shared attributes or interests, compatible

Their lives were changed. They were pointed in a new direction. Seed Wines was born. Their goal was to craft the finest boutique Malbec in Argentina AND to give back to the people of Mendoza who had welcomed them and shown them such generous hospitality. Tony and Alex enlisted award-winning winemaker Giuseppe Franceschini, secured access to one of the oldest vineyards in the Altamira district, and got to work. They started with the vines, own rooted on 42 year old root stock, in alluvial soil, tended to with organic practices, irrigated with glacier melts that flow through ancient canals. All this work and dedication leads to an annual 200 case production that has been aged for 16 months in hand toasted French oak. It is not a lot of wine but it is exquisite and crafted with intention and love.

Seed is about making wine that not only captures the flavor, but the spirit of a very special place. ~ Giuseppe Franceschini, winemaker

Seed wine was built on more than just the idea of crafting Malbec in Mendoza. Seed wine was born from a common love, kinship, simpatico with the people of Mendoza. With that in mind, Tony and Alex’s passion was as much about the people as the wine. Therefore, they did not feel a sense of “corporate responsibility” to give back; they felt it was a “natural choice.” It’s not about charity or obligation; it is about community, it’s an integral part of business. Stewardship is not just about the vines and the land, it is about the people.

With each bottle of Seed Wine sold, a child in Mendoza receives a new schoolbook. Seeds of education planted for the future of the region.

All of this is reason enough to check out Seed wines; however, I have an even better reason: The wines are really good!

From Seed’s website: “As our winemaker Guiseppe Franceschini is fond of saying, “Mendoza is one of the most continental climates in the world, it’s a very extreme place, perfect for extreme wines. When you go to the limit, you are on the edge, and the result can be fabulous.” We couldn’t agree more; the pristine beauty of Mendoza is due largely to the influence of the Andes, with much of the region in the shadow of Mount Aconcagua. Mendoza’s vineyards are planted at some of the highest elevations in the world, with a climate that is semi-arid desert. In Mendoza, most vineyards receive precious water by way of an ancient system of canals fed by meltwater from Andean glaciers.”


Seed Red Wine 2014 Mendoza, Argentina: This wine was crafted of 50% Cabernet Sauvignon, 40% Malbec, 10% Cabernet Franc; it poured a beautiful ruby with deep violet hues in the glass; surprisingly delicate aromas of blackberries, blueberries, black raspberries and strawberries, with baking spice notes, red licorice, anise, a touch of vanilla and lingering hint of minerality; Argentinian Cabs and Malbecs are big grapes so I was expecting a big wine, it was full body but delivered itself in elegance and sophistication, the flavors on the palate followed the aroma profile, restrained and intentional, crushed velvet with round acidity and dusty tannins that coat the palate with an long and pleasant finish; 14.4% alcohol; 48 cases produced.

Seed Malbec 2014 Paraje, Altamira, Mendoza, Argentina:  100% single vineyard Malbec; deep, inky ruby in the glass, almost opaque; aromas of a delicious home-made mixed berry jam including blackberries, black cherries, and black and red raspberries cascade out of the glass and were met with chocolate, cinnamon, dusty earth, dried tobacco, and a touch of vanilla on the end; again elegant on the palate with a rich texture and concentrated flavors, round and penetrating acidity was well-balanced with earthy tannins in a more rustic presentation, yet sophisticated with layers of flavor across the palate that coat and create a long, pleasing, spicy finish; 14.4% alcohol, 59 cases produced.

Remember: Wine is life. Life is short. Savor every drop.

My Song Selection: I apologize if the song selection seems obvious. It is one of my all-time favorite songs but one of my all-time favorite bands. Furthermore, I feel it is appropriate for these wines and the Tony and Alex’s journey.

Due to Seed Wines small production their wines are available by allocation only. Check out their web site to sign up to receive your bottles of Seed Wines and let me know what song you pair with them. Cheers!

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Seed Wine is a single-vineyard, boutique Malbec from the prestigious Altamira district of Uco Valley, in Mendoza, Argentina. With each bottle of Seed Wine purchased, a child in Mendoza receives a new schoolbook, planting seeds for the future of the region.

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